For every woman who gets pregnant, a man was also in on the act. Yet, while pregnant women have dozens of books to consult, there are very few pregnancy books for fathers. Fortunately, Mr. Dad (best-selling author Armin Brott) has come to the rescue with The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-To-Be. “The reality,” says Mr. Dad, “is that men’s emotional response to pregnancy is no less varied than women’s.” Brott’s revolutionary, information-packed book (which has sold over 1,000,000 copies) is the first to take a practical, clear, and personal approach–from the father’s point of view–to the momentous experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

A complete, month-by-month guide to what a father-to-be may experience during his partner’s pregnancy, The Expectant Father is written in a personal, humorous, easy-to-absorb style that both reassures and readies dads-to-be.

With understanding and wisdom, Brott highlights the knowledge and experiences of dozens of real-life expectant fathers and top experts–from obstetricians and birth-class instructors to psychologists and sociologists. The Expectant Father offers thorough, sound advice and practical tips for men on such issues as:

  • How to make sense of your conflicting emotions
  • What childbirth classes don’t teach you
  • How to juggle your work and family roles
  • Ways to support and encourage your partner throughout the pregnancy
  • How to choose a baby name
  • How to set up a work space at home
  • How to deal with the obstacles society places in the way of involved fathers
  • How to start a college fund

Each chapter includes the following sections:

  • What She’s Going Through is an important look at what’s happening
    with the expectant mother, physically and emotionally.

  • What’s Going On with the Baby gives expectant fathers–and
    mothers–a concise tour of your future child’s development, from
    sperm and egg to living, breathing infant.

  • What You’re Going Through covers the wide range of feelings–good, bad, and indifferent–the expectant father is likely to experience at some time during the pregnancy. It also describes the way the pregnancy might affect the expectant father psychologically, sexually, and even physically.
  • Staying Involved contains specific facts, tips, and advice on what the expectant father can do to take an active role in the pregnancy. For instance, the first month focuses on nutrition and exercise and includes basic recipes the expectant father can prepare for his partner. The second month discusses doctor’s
    appointments and tests. The fourth month: finances, both during the pregnancy and in the future (including how to start a college fund).

The Expectant Father also contains detailed chapters on labor and delivery and childbirth, designed to prepare the expectant father not only to support his partner, but to prepare himself for the wealth of emotions he may experience during and immediately after the birth of his child. Throughout the book, dozens of invaluable
sidebars focus on a variety of subjects such as, “What if you’re not married?” “What if your in the military and will be overseas when the baby is born?” “The Family and Medical Leave Act,” and “Labor: Real or False.”
Over 30 lighthearted New Yorker-style cartoons resonate with the text and will keep even the most anxious fathers-to-be chuckling.

Praise for The Expectant Father:

“Finally. A pregnancy book for fathers, and a very good one. It not only recognizes the deep emotions of expectant fathers, but it guides them through their emotional roller coaster with wisdom and understanding.”
—Marguerite Kelly, author of The Mother’s Almanac and Margueritte Kelly’s Family Almanac

“…practical, clear, personal—and refreshingly humorous…makes the pregnancy and fatherhood experience much richer for both partners.”
—Samuel Osherson, Ph.D., author of Finding Our Fathers

“For fathers soon expecting the ultimate gift—a new member of the family—The Expectant Father is his best friend.”
CNN Interactive

“One would be hard put to find a question about having a baby that’s not dealt with here, all from the father’s perspective.”
Library Journal

“…extraordinarily helpful… packed with specific advice.”
Portland Oregonian

“…stood out immediately…. because of its perceptive and insights”
San Francisco Chronicle

Winner, 2005 Adding Wisdom award from Parent-to-Parent

“For the dad-to-be, author Armin Brott’s The Expectant Father is a terrific gift, offering insight into pregnancy and the first few weeks of parenthood.”

“Brott writes honestly and earnestly. His wry sense of humor will be a relief to hassled parents.”
Time magazine

“I bought this book for my husband as a gift. It not only has helped him to cope with everything changing in our lives, it’s helped me cope with him!! It’s a great gift that I think both parties will appreciate.”
—A very satisfied reader