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By Armin Brott

Running time: 126 Minutes

All Region DVD (Group 0)

List price: $19.95


Expectant dads! New dads! Watch as Armin Brott, America’s leading expert on fathers and families, brings you the essential tools you need to get involved, stay involved, and build a close relationship with your baby. This unique DVD provides strategies, advice, insights, and practical tips on everything you’re likely to encounter along the way.

Topics include:

  • First baby? What you need to know about feeding. Crying. Sleeping. Diapers.
  • And, yes, your critical role in breastfeeding.
  • Making sense of your changing emotions and unexpected anxieties and fears.
  • Helping your partner (and yourself!) through post-partum depression.
  • Your changing sex life.
  • How your baby will affect your relationship with your partner—and keeping that relationship healthy.
  • Juggling your work and family roles.
  • Special concerns of older first-time dads.

Praise for Toolbox for New Dads:

“Armin Brott is totally believable, funny, knowledgeable and extremely clear. The DVD is loaded with extremely helpful information given in a classroom environment, nicely put together with beautiful graphics and nice visuals. A must have for anyone who heard the line: “Honey, we are pregnant…” in the last few months.”
—A very satisfied viewer

Toolbox for New Dads offers fathers an education in everything from holding a baby to staying connected to your partner.”
Mothering Magazine

“The perfection of his wisdom is that it’s so simple–suggestions that seem rather “duh” until you consider that when you were first home from the hospital it took days of trial and error to get into a groove.”
Snarky Momma Blog

“Watch this DVD and be new-Daddy-in-the-know instead of being new-Daddy-in-the-dark! You’ll be glad you did, your wife will be glad you did, and most importantly, your new baby will be glad you did.”
Another delighted viewer Blog