Managers have been under siege for the past ten years. They have been forced to downsize, restructure, merge, combine jobs, and inflate profits. They got on board and did what the boss asked. Then, in came a new boss, or consultant, and out went those same managers who had been willing to play the game.
Those managers might still have jobs if they had been able to spot the red flags that signal trouble. In fact, the most dedicated and driven professionals are often the employees least likely to notice the office threats and pitfalls around them; they’re too busy working!

I Didn’t See It Coming provides savvy advice and strategic insights for recognizing and dealing with the situations that can threaten your career. This book will help you develop the skills you need to read the room, correctly assess what is happening around you, and control your career destiny. It shows you why you need an exit strategy, how to navigate the political terrain, how (and why) to differentiate between colleagues, and why it’s important to follow the money. Everyone can benefit from understanding how office politics works and what you can do to enhance your position. For anyone in a dicey situation—even if you don’t know it yet—this is the ultimate guidebook for office survival. When it comes to your career, don’t take chances! Take charge and make sure you see it coming.
The authors of this utterly unique career guide are three high-powered former executives from major corporations. Each has been on the firing line, faced situations where she didn’t see it coming, and emerged more knowledgeable and successful. Not only do the authors know how to spot dangers and wage a clever campaign of corporate politics, they each have worked with and interviewed hundreds of executives whose stories reveal all the different ways and reasons people get blindsided.